Dog Classes

The new dog sport that is sweeping the country!

Shelley, ID

6 Weeks of classes…..$80.00

Call 208-357-7973 to register

Instructor Ann Christensen has been
training detection dogs for 18

  • All non-aggressive dogs can participate regardless of size, breed, or age.

  • Minimal equipment is needed

  • Training can be done indoors and at home. this sport is ideal for Idaho winters.

  • Class participants can be teenagers to retired and anyone that just want something really fun to do with their dog

  • K9 Scent Games helps shy dogs gain confident and all dogs to "work" off excess energy and have fun doing it.

  • K9 Scent Games utilizes the dogs natural desire to sniff out things by teaching them to look for treats or toys and then for specific target odors.

  • Local competitions will be held next year at High Country Shepherds and national competitions are already available to those wishing to really get involved in this new sport.

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